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Guangzhou Cai Xuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
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주요 제품:젤 폴란드어 UV 젤
No. 2 UV 젤 부문 베스트셀러Multi-Language capability: Years in industry(9)Total floorspace (6,830㎡)Sample-based customization
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  • 99.3%
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by SGS Group
회사 등록일2014-01-06
연간 수출 수익(USD)1500000
지원 언어English,Spanish,Vietnamese,Russian
수출 경력9
업계 경력9
생산 역량
생산 라인6
총 연간 생산량(단위)7000000
생산 기계11
품질 관리
원자재의 제품 지원 추적성Yes
제품 검사 방법Inspection of all products, Random inspection
모든 생산 라인에 품질 관리 수행Yes
QA/QC 검사원5
무역 배경
주요 시장North America(40%), Domestic Market(30%), Western Europe(15%)
공급망 파트너7
주요 고객 유형Retailer, Engineer, Wholesaler, Brand business, For private use, Manufacturer
R&D 역량
맞춤 제작 옵션sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand, light customization, customized on demand, sample processing, graphic processing
작년에 출시한 신제품20
R&D 엔지니어10
R&D 엔지니어 교육 수준2 graduate, 3 technicalSchool, 5 juniorCollege
회사 리뷰 (47)
4.9 /5
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  • 제품 품질
products of excellent quality and the company has excellent service, as a customer I am very happy to do business with Caixuan, I was able to see their office and factory in addition to visiting them at exhibitions in Italy and Dubai. I also want to congratulate Melody who has a lot of professionalism and patience for all my requirements.

    공급업체의 응답:

    i'm really thanks for your nice comment! so glad to could work with you,have a good day!
    16 Apr 2024
    It was a pleasure working with this factory. I ordered samples first, so far I'm very satisfied with quality. I plan a long-term collaboration because the communication is staight forward and helpful. I tried different types of gels and I liked pretty much all of them. Very reliable factory with consistent quality. I was able to customize the lable and pick nail bottles that I liked .I can reccomend this factory for everyone who wants to order High Quality products and rely on good customer service. 10 /10
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      동영상 팁
      Caixuan 새로운 호일 플레이크 빌드 젤 21 색상 도매 1kg 포장 반짝이 네일 빌더 확장 젤
      Rivate 레이블 10 색 1kg 유리 구슬 자기 담근 고양이 눈 젤 폴란드어
      전문 빌드 젤 네일 폴란드 Uv 빌딩 하드 젤리 Uv 젤 확장 다채로운 Potal 빌딩 젤
      도매 인기있는 Uv 네온 컬러 네일 젤 폴란드어
      무료 샘플 개인 라벨 오로라 최고 코트 구조 젤 OEM kg 포장 벌크 젤 탑
      CX 아름다움 고품질 봄 여름 사탕 40 색 고무베이스 UV LED 젤 폴란드어
      Caixuan 도매 OEM 고품질 젤 페인팅 네일 아트 젤 라이너 쉬운 네일 디자인, 젤 네일 라이너 펜
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